Legislative Update


On Thursday, September 8, 2016, Senator Terrence Murphy, who represents the 40th Senate District (Dutchess/Putnam/Westchester Counties), visited the Hudson Valley 10-13 Board meeting and requested our endorsement in his re-election run.

When questioned, Senator Murphy indicated that he fully supports our Bills in Albany, including the Health Benefits Protection Bill (53320-Lanza), COLA Enhancement Bills (S3919 & S4342-Golden) and the Veterans Supplementation Bill (55065-Larkin).

Senator Murphy also indicated that he is against a Constitutional Convention, which Governor Andrew Cuomo is promoting. The Senator feels that if the Senate and Assembly work together, they can make changes in the law that will benefit the people of the State without resorting to a Constitutional Convention.

After Senator Murphy made his presentation and answered all of the questions from the floor, the Board members discussed the value of endorsing the Senator. After much discussion, a motion to endorse Senator Murphy was made and seconded. The entire Board then voted to endorse the Senator.

At that point it was also decided that members of our organization would also lend support to the Senator's re-election campaign in the form of a get-out-the-vote drive. This endeavor will be organized by the three Trustees who cover the Senator's district —Richard Cerrato, Bob Lebzelter and Dan Murphy.

For information on how you can help in the Senator's campaign, please contact Richard Cerrato.

Election Day is November 8th. Your vote is important!


Legislative Report - LOBBY DAY - ALBANY
Richard Molloy
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On Tuesday, April 5, 2016, members of the Hudson Valley 10-13 Association will meet in the parking lot of the Crown Plaza Hotel located at Exit 14B of the New York Thruway at Airmont Road, Suffern, NY. At approximately 9:30 AM a bus will take us to the State Capital in Albany, for our annual Lobby Day.

This is a very important day for our organization because we get the opportunity to visit the offices of our elected officials in order to convince them of the importance of supporting legislature that is of vital interest to our members and their families.
The two bills that are most important to us this year are:

1. The Health Benefits Protection Bill, which is sponsored in the Senate by Andrew Lanza (S3320) and in the Assembly by David Weprin (A3539).

2. The Veterans Supplementation Bill, which is sponsored in the Senate by William Larkin (S5065) and in the Assembly by Michael Den Dekker (A7534).

Both of these bills are winding their way through the Senate and Assembly committees and it is imperative that we as an organization make our elected officials aware that we need their support in order to get these bills on the desk of the Governor for his signature.

The Health Benefits Protection Bill does just that. It protects our health benefits. We worked hard throughout the years and we certainly do not want to have these benefits taken from us. If we don't actively work towards lobbying our representatives in Albany, who will?

Lobby Day happens once a year. Why not actively participate in a cause that affects all of us and our families. There is strength in numbers and the more members that join us on Lobby Day, the stronger our voice.. There is no cost involved to our members as transportation and lunch will be provided. Bring along a friend. We need and value your support!



As stated in previous newsletters, we have secured a Health Benefits Bill in the Senate (S5543-Klein) and in the Assembly (A7060-Carrozza). Unfortunately, only a total of 16 members of the Legislature have signed onto these bills.

Regarding Senate Bill #S5543, Senators Golden, Lanza, Morahan, Stewart-Cousins and Thompson have signed on as co-sponsors.

Regarding Assembly Bill #A7060, Assemblymen Schroeder, Schimel, Pheffer, Destito, Gabryszak, Christensen, DenDekker, Zebrowski, Burling, Townsend and Weisenberg have signed on as co-sponsors.

In order to get full support (which we had in 2007) it is important that every member of our organization, who lives in New York State, contact their local representatives and remind them to have their names added to these bills. In addition, it is just as important to have family members and friends call their representatives as well.

All it takes is a phone call to your local representatives. Ask that they support these bills. The passing of these bills directly affects you and me and our families. If we don't work to get these bills passed, no one is going to do it for us. The bottom line - Let our representatives know that we will support them if they support us!

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